What Is A Healthy Heart Rate For 26 Year Old Female?


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The normal level of a healthy heart rate for someone who is in their mid 20's is around 60 to 100 beats per minute. It ultimately depends on how fit someone is and their weight and condition their body is in.
If you are an athlete or have been training for a marathon over a long period of time then your heart rate might be even lower and drop to around 30 beats per minute. This is because you have been in the prime of physical peak and working extra hard to adjust your body.
However, if you are not in good physical shape or are obese or even worse morbidly obese then your heart rate could increase to anything like more than one hundred beats per minute with a resting rate of high nineties. In essence if you do have over one hundred beats per minute as a starting number you are unfit and need to consult your doctor as there could be a lot of health related issues you could suffer from. Your rate is clearly too high and should be brought to the attention of someone with immediate effect. You can also try to go on a diet and eat less sugary and fatty foods in order to lose the body fat which your physician might advise you to do.
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A healthy heart rate for a 26 year old female usually falls within a range of 60 -100 beats per minute. However, if one trains like a triathlete for an extended period of time their resting heart rate can fall into the 30's. Over 100 beats per minute as a baseline for an adult- male or female- is too high and should be brought to the attention of a physician or other qualified practitioner.

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