Can You Drink Alcohol Socially While Taking The Prescription, Suboxone?


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The answer is no, you cannot take Suboxone and still have a drink socially.

Although it all really depends on the dosage of the Suboxone you are taking, it is really not worth risking your health (and potentially your life) for a 'social drink'.

Drinking alcohol whilst taking Suboxone Suboxone contains the active ingredient Buprenorphine.

This drug is used in small doses for moderate pain management, and in larger doses for relieving the symptoms of opioid dependency (similar to Methadone).

If you've been prescribed Suboxone as a pain-killer, the chances are the amount of Buprenorphine contained in your medication isn't substantial.

People react to drugs in different ways, and I would really not suggest experimenting with how much alcohol and Suboxone your body can handle, as the results could be fatal!

The effects of taking Suboxone whilst drinking The active ingredient Buprenorphine is very powerful. If you compare it to morphine, it is anywhere between 25-40% more potent.

In low doses, the risks you face by mixing alcohol and Suboxone are dizziness, nausea and drowsiness.

In extreme cases, you leave yourself open to fatal respiratory depression.

For more information about the health risks associated with Suboxone, why not read this Suboxone SL precaution page.
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Yes you can drink socially while on Suboxone. On the bottle it says drowsiness may be increased with alcohol use and to use care. Be careful though.. I have drunk while on it & the alcohol seems to lessen the effectiveness of the Suboxone. You may end up feeling withdrawal symptoms quicker than usual.
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No, do not do it. I have been on this drug for 7 months and it does not work as well if you drink.

Plus, it's double time on your liver!

You may not wake up - that's the truth.

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