Can I Drink Alcohol While Taking Thyroxine Tablets?


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Thyroxine is a hormone treatment drug, and mixing it with alcohol is likely to cancel out the effectiveness of the drug.

If you must drink, i'd suggest leaving as many hours between taking the medication and drinking as possible.

Combining alcohol and thyroxine - is it safe? Whilst there are probably not going to be any major side-effects caused by drinking alcohol whilst you're taking Thyroxine, I'd recommend you keep in mind that the medication you are on is likely to have a reduced effect if you are drinking alcohol.

The conversion between T3 and T4 - something that is important to thyroid hormone treatment - is significantly-impaired by alcohol.

In research involving alcoholics who were taking Thyroxine, studies found that T4 was likely to turn into the inactive hormone rT3.

My sugestion for if you simply can't get out of having a drink (you may feel socially-obliged to) is to take the Thyroxine tablets early in the morning, and leave the drinking for the evening-time.

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