How many times a week should a 13 year old girl workout?


5 Answers

Will Kubic Profile
Will Kubic answered
1 or 2 times. If you rip your muscles it can damage your body PERMANENTLY!
Vicky Ticha Profile
Vicky Ticha answered
Well im not 13 im 14 but i started going to the gym with my mum and dad almost every week day but only for cardio. If you want to tone up muscles though i think yoga is very effective to do a couple times a week
Allison Keller Profile
Allison Keller answered
It depends on how much you weigh, if your on the heavy side, work out once or twice a week. If you are fit, you could work out three or four times a week.
Bill Burns Profile
Bill Burns answered
You should only do stressful lifting two times per week and don't feel like you have to do lift a lot of weight.  It is important to understand that you are still growing and should not try to over lift.  Make sure that cardio takes up about 85% of your time in the gym.

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