Are Omnicef And Ceftin Similar Drugs?


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Omnicef and Ceftin are similar drugs (of the antibiotic variety), but they are not exactly the same. In fact, people who have allergic reactions to one of these antibiotics will often try the other instead. However, since the drugs are so similar, it can actually be harmful to try the other version, as you may likely be allergic to that one as well. Let's examine some features of both types of medication


• This medicine is taken to kill a wide variety of different bacteria. It should not be taken by people who are allergic certain drugs, such as Keflex.
• This drug is a low sporin antibiotic, known as a cephalosporin medication, or SEF.
• This type of prescription medicine must be taken until it runs out; if you stop before your course of treatment is done, you may suffer from a recurrence of harmful bacteria.


• This drug is usually tolerated well by most patients; however, it sometimes causes temporary stomach discomfort, diarrhoea, and severe headaches.
• This antibiotic has been on the market since the late nineteen seventies; in Britain, it is sold by pharmaceutical company Glaxon.

Today, it is possible to order many antibiotics online, through "virtual" pharmacies. There may also be generic versions of certain drugs that are chemically the same as Ceftin and Omnicef. However, it can be unwise to buy drugs from sources you don't really know or trust. Without a doctor's prescription and a trusted pharmacy, you will never be certain exactly what is in your medication. Abusing (taking too many) antibiotics can be counterproductive - in women, antibiotics may cause yeast infections. In children, antibiotics may cease to work well, as the child builds up resistance to the drug.

To stay healthy and safe, see a doctor before you take either Ceftin or Omnicef. Also, be certain that you follow all package directions and take your entire prescription.
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