Can You Take Keflex And Macrobid Together?I Have A UTI And A Sinus Infection.I Just Wanted To Make Sure It Was Ok To Take Both Medications.


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Although it is said to be fine to take Keflex and Macrobid together, before taking any medication the best policy is to check with a medical expert first.

Therefore you should either contact your doctor or ask at a local pharmacist that it is definitely OK for you to take both Keflex and Macrobid together.

It is also very important to read the instructions before taking any medication. This way you can be certain on the recommended dosage and when is best to take the medication.

Also when reading the instructions it is important to study the possible side-effects listed. Many may be rare with only say 1 in 100 people experiencing this side-effect but it is still worth considering if you are willing to take this risk and if indeed it is the right medication for you.

When taking medication it is always an idea to try and use the same one as you may have previously. This way you are sure that it works and also that you do not have any allergic reactions or show any signs of the possible side-effects. Medication can affect people very differently and so finding one that is right for your body is important and should not be taken for granted.

As stated earlier although you can take Keflex and Macrobid together it is always better to be safe and check with a medical expert. They may also be able to suggest any other medication that could be more beneficial to you.

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