How Long Does Drugs Stay In The Placenta?


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The only way that you are going to get a certain answer is to visit your Doctor and ask them this question whilst explaining your reasons for asking. However from general knowledge I know that drugs can stay present in the placenta for a very long time.

From what I can read, cannabis can stay in the placenta for up to a month after you stop using it. However, the likelihood that drugs will stay present in your body after your baby is born is extremely likely. If the placenta were to be tested after you have given birth then it will test positive for any drugs you have taken. This is because the mother and child are directly connected via the placenta and umbilical cord. Anything that you take or put into your system will be put into your baby's body.

Using drugs can have very harmful effects on unborn babies at anytime during pregnancy. Some drugs that cross the placenta not only have harmful effects on the mother (sudden bleeding, premature labour and poor appetite) but it can also do serious damage to the baby. These are just some of the ways that illegal drugs can affect unborn children: Early delivery or miscarriage, Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), mental retardation, defects of the face and body, low birth weight and even death. Drugs can also have terrible effects on both the mother and the baby after the birth: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), an inability to bond with the baby or see to its basic needs and a greater chance of experience Post Partum Depression.

If you are a mother to be, no matter what stage you are at during your pregnancy, then you should think twice about what you put into your system. Not just for your own sake, but for the sake of your unborn child.
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Incorrect. In order for you to pass the testing of the placenta after giving birth, you'll have to take into consideration how long you've been taking drugs, how often, and how much you drink (water). For example, if you smoke pot a couple times a week and have for a couple months, you would need to drink plenty of water to be detoxed in two weeks. If you use stronger drugs or more often, it can take as much as seven weeks to pass the test. Good luck-
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It stays in the placenta the entire pregnancy but it will be out of the baby in 5 weeks
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First of all you should not be taking narcotics while pregnant, unless your doctor tells you to...How long a drug stays in your system (whether it be illegal or legal) can vary greatly. Factors such as height, weight, body fat, age, etc can make a difference. Also how much you exercise has an impact. Whether or not you are stressed while taking the drugs can affect things too.

Other things such as how often you take it, how much, for how long, etc can also contribute to how long a drug remains in your system.

However, for this particular drug for "most" people you are looking at around 3-4 days, that is, within 3-4 days it will probably still show up in a urine test.

As I say though,  that is by no means a "concrete" answer as there are so many contributing factors to how long a drug stays in ones system.
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Drugs stay in the placenta a long time. After giving birth, any drug use can be detected if the placenta were to be tested.
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Opiates stay in your system anywhere between 2 weeks to 60 days. The Placenta filters from your body so no matter what you take in your baby is going to take it in hopefully they are not symptomatic when they are born.

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