How Long Does Loratab Stay In The Placenta?


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Drugs don’t stay in the placenta - they cross the placenta into the baby’s bloodstream. Lortab is used to treat moderate to severe pain and contains hydrocodone and acetaminophen. Hydrocodone is a narcotic pain reliever and so should only be taken during pregnancy when the benefits of it outweigh the risks.

There is no detailed information about the effects of hydrocodone in pregnancy, but there have been withdrawal symptoms and respiratory depression reported in neonates whose mothers have taken the drug. Acetaminophen is believed to be safe when used in pregnancy as long as it is used intermittently and for short durations, and when the need for it has been clearly ascertained.

Anybody who believes they could be pregnant should inform the doctor of this before being prescribed Lortab so that alternatives can be looked at, because, being a narcotic means that it can be habit forming, which is never any good for a baby. If you become pregnant while you are taking Lortab, you must inform your doctor straight away. Babies can suffer withdrawal while still in the womb so you need to be advised of the best way of stopping taking the drug safely for all concerned.

Women who are breast feeding should never take Lortab; it will pass from the breast milk straight to the baby and result in the baby’s addiction.

Even for people who are not pregnant, care should be taken when using Lortab. If you have, or have ever had any of the following, then you should let your doctor know if you are being prescribed this drug: COPD; asthma, sleep apnea or other breathing disorders; a head injury or a brain tumor; liver or kidney disease; low blood pressure; an underactive thyroid; a stomach or intestinal disorder; Addison’s disease or any other adrenal gland disorder; mental illness; curvature of the spine; or a history of drug or alcohol addiction.

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