What Are Side Effects From Atenolol?


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Atenolol is a beta-blocker that affects the heart and circulation of blood. It is used to treat chest pain, hypertension and treat and prevent cardiac arrest.

Some of the serious side effects of Atenolol that can be observed are:

�Allergic reactions like hives, problems in breathing, swelling of face, tongue, lips and throat
�Slowing down of heartbeats or uneven heartbeats
�Feeling dizziness and fainting
�Vomiting, stomach ache, mild fever, loss of appetite, jaundice, depression
�Feeling of hands and feet becoming cold
�Shortening of breath even with little exertion
�Swelling of legs and ankles

Some of the less serious side effects that can be observed are:

�Not getting sleep
�Feeling of tiredness
�Anxiety and feeling of nervousness
�Decrease in sex drive and impotency

Other side effects can also occur depending on the individual. In case you observe any unusual side effects or feel uneasy, talk to a doctor immediately.

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