Do Vivioptal Capsules Have Any Side Effects Or Not? If Not Then Explain Its Benefits.


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Vivioptal is a food supplement capsule which helps to maintain vitamins and minerals in people who have below average intake or absorption of these essential nutrients are lacking. As with all medication and supplements, there is always a risks of side effects. These won't affect everyone who takes the product in the same way but they should be taken seriously.

The main and most common problem which can be associated with taking Vivioptal is nausea and sickness. Other reported side effects include headaches, slight hair loss and strange taste in the mouth. In terms of its benefits, it does provide you with a large selection of the nutrients that are required from your body on a daily basis. However, I would still not advise taking this product. It is thought that in capsule form you don't get the true benefits of the nutrients which it is supposed to contain. It is more advisable to consider why you want to take these tablets and then approach the issue head on. If you have a medical reason for wanting to try these capsules, then I would strongly advise talking to your GP about the problem and what can be done about it. They will be able to give you a properly tested medication to control the problem.

If you want to take this product as a vitamin supplement, I would advise firstly looking at your diet. Dietary changes can improve your health massively and fresh food is much better for you than the same nutrients in capsule form. You will see greater improvements by improving your diet than taking Vivioptal.
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I think it is best that you should consult your family doctor.
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Vivioptal contains Multivitamins and vitamins are Best for how can it damage hair..its not possible..but I am also surprised that how this question arized...its an exceptional case.
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I have used this product for 5 years, it really increased my performance in every aspect but it ruined my hairs. One of its side effects is baldness. And once you been addicted to this drug you cannot live without it a Psyco tension will surround you.
However its not an anabolic steroid. Some links might help you assessing this drug.
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I disagree about vivioptal causing your baldness, I have been using vivioptal for almost 4 years and on the contrary after starting taking vivioptal I noticed I needed a hair cut every five to six weeks.
I think your baldness is cause because of a medical condition or it is just hereditary
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In Pakistan, this drug is manufactured and marketed by AGP or Ali Gohar Pharmaceuticals. There is no difference in the quality. For details, visit this link.
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I want to buy 3 boxes of vivioptal capsules made in dr. Pharma germany.  Can you send these 3 boxes to London.  What is the total price.  As I hear from you I will send you the money and the address of a person in London.
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As with any vitamin supplement, these should state on the box that they are not intended to treat or cure any condition or disease, and I'm sure they don't make those claims, otherwise they would have to be classified as prescription meds/drugs instead of supplements. At least that's how it works in the U.S & surrounding countries.

Medications or drugs do make claims and thus have varied side effects, both negative and positive.  To my knowledge, Germany is well known for promoting micro-dosages of supplements, so the fat-soluble vitamins included in this supplement are probably not too much for the body to handle, therefore I would not expect to see negative side effects.

Most people take a multivitamin for exactly the reason they were created: As a dietary food supplement. Many people do not have the best eating and exercise habits, and while supplements can never replace proper dieting or regular exercise, they may help to enhance both.

Now, regarding hair loss, I would have to agree with the comment by Jesse. I have taken a gel capsule Multi similar to this formula in the past and saw an increase in how rapidly my hair grew, and my only complaint is that I had to spend more money on haircuts. I also noticed my fingernails & toenails growing faster and stronger. The comment by M Babur is totally ridiculous. This is NOT a drug, it will NOT cause you to go bald, and as for the psychotension, get therapy.

I prefer a liquid capsule to the traditional tablet form, tablets always caused me nausea even if I took them with food. I looked at the formula and I will look for this product to try it for myself.

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