What Are The Side Effects Of Gynotran Ovules?


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Bel Fran Profile
Bel Fran answered
I don't have the burning but I have the bleeding (pink/red discharge). I don't know if I should continue the treatment as it's nighttime here and I won't be able to get in touch with my doctor until morning.
Zico Bee Profile
Zico Bee answered
I'm having the same bleeding thought it was an early period think I'll contact my ob gyn.
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Anonymous answered
Have same experience said it to the pharmacist and she said it could be too strong
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Anonymous answered
I had the same experience and my doctor told me to stop using it immediately.
Lisa Marie Halsey Muniz Profile
If it is a medication it should have came with information on the medication.  If you can't find it, I would research the drug online for its side effects, etc.  Or you can call your local pharmacist.

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