What Is SSS Tonic Used For?


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SSS Tonic is a highly concentrated liquid iron vitamin supplement designed to give your body the iron it needs. It is so high in iron that it is quite often used as a medicine as opposed to a supplement for a healthy diet. Its use is common with people who suffer with anemia as their iron levels are especially low and SSS Tonic helps to build their iron levels.

It is not limited to anemic patients though as there can be many reasons for an unusually low iron level in your body and SSS Tonic can be used to aid in the build up of iron for many causes. It is worth noting that, due to the high concentration of iron in SSS Tonic, a doctor should be consulted before SSS Tonic is taken and it certainly should not be used with any frequency unless specifically told to do so by a doctor. SSS Tonic also contains other vitamins and ingredients such as vitamin B and alcohol.

Such is its alcohol content (12%) that it is occasionally used recreationally by those wishing to intake alcohol, however this is most certainly not recommended. Iron is contained in every cell in your body and is an essential mineral. Your body uses iron to help transport oxygen around your body and a low iron level could cause many problems due to a lack of oxygenation of the cells in your body, this is called anemia. Symptoms for this include feeling weak or tired or even pins and needles.

As stated previously, SSS Tonic should not be taken to supplement the vitamins in your diet as it is predominantly a medicine. Instead there are many iron tablets and foods that will provide ample iron for your body on a daily basis. Foods that contain iron include spinach, nuts and meats such as beef.
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Does sss tonic help you gain weight
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The high potency liquid iron supplement called SSS Tonic is essentially used as part of treatment for those clinically anaemic. Anaemia is a condition which results when the body experiences a deficiently of haemoglobin which is present in red blood cells. Haemoglobin is vital to conduct oxygen to your cells and tissues. Anaemia is fairly common in women. Some of the usual symptoms of anaemia would be fatigue and weakness. You need to increase your intake of iron. Doctors typically prescribe some iron supplements depending on the extent Anaemia.

A word of caution, when it comes to taking any supplement which contains iron, be careful since excessive iron can be toxic. Let your doctor first examine you then prescribe any medication.
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I was feeling tired and listless. I am diabetic Type 2. I took just a capful of SSS Tonic for a couple of days and felt better immediately. Is SSS Tonic ok for diabetics to take (sparingly)?

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