If I Am Burning Up, How Can I Lower My Temperature?


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If you're suffering from a fever or high temperature, this is usually your body's way of telling you that it is fighting an infection or disease.

Helping your body combat the infection is the surest way to reduce symptoms like that burning-up feeling.

How to lower your temperature

The following steps are all recommended by health care professionals when you're faced with a soaring temperature:

  1. Get some bed rest- Your body needs time to recuperate and get its act together, so don't put more burden on it by being too active.
  2. Get lots of fluids- Keeping hydrated is vital. Water is the best way to keep hydrated, although fruit juices like orange are also good because they contain vitamin C.
  3. Take your medicine- There are a number of medications that help deal with the symptoms of flu and fever. Ibuprofen and aspirin usually help, although it is best to consult a pharmacist if you are unsure about what is suitable to take (this especially applies in the case of children).

Best ways to fight a fever Keeping cool is another obvious thing you can do to help your temperature come down, so bundling up in lots of layers is a bad idea.

Also, a lukewarm or tepid bath is also often recommended in helping your body cope with a high temperature.

If symptoms persist, or if you are concerned about the severity of your reaction, I would always recommend visiting your health care provider.
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LISTEN, your body temperature is a normal 98.6 degrees! Up to 102 is an acceptable, manageable temp. If you know that you have the flu and are just a little higher than that then take a medicine that has a fever reducer in it, and take in water or juice.

If it is higher than that, 103 or more, then take off that blanket and sweater, and socks, get cooled off with a cool rag. Yes, you are going to be cold.

If it is higher than 104, you can get into an ice bath, but do not do this alone, because if you jump into it, you can cause yourself to have a stroke!!!!

If it does not come down with that, get to the doctor immediately! You lose hydration, thought processes and other reasonable reflexes after that temperature for any length of time.

I really hope that you get better soon. And do not play around with a very high temperature, your life could be at stake. Good luck.
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Carolyn Jones answered
Normally if you are running a temperature it is a sign your body is fighting infection. When you have an illness or infection one of the body's defences is to heat up in the hope that the virus cannot survive in the heat.

Our body temperature is normally around 37 degrees. This is why our temperature is often taken when we are ill.

If you are running a temperature the best thing you can do is to take some paracetamol. That is really about it.

Obviously if you visit your doctor and can get a specific treatment for your illness this will help to lower your temperature too.

You can try holding a cool or damp cloth on the back of your neck and / or your forehead.

I have also been told that holding your wrists under cool running water can also help to cool you down.

Remember when you are unwell to keep your fluids up!

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