What's The Recovery Time For Removal Of Bone Spur In Knee?


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Surgical procedures such as bone spurs in the knee usually take about six weeks for full recovery. The size and location of the bone spur can affect recovery time as well. It is necessary to talk to your doctor and follow all his directions following the surgery, because the proper care can help you heal faster. Not following the doctors’ advice can lead to infection and complications, slowing down your recovery period.

Post-operative care, or management of bone spurs require living a healthy lifestyle and getting the proper exercise. Weight gain can cause pressure on joints, also causing bone spurs, so it’s important to stay within a healthy weight. Also be sure that you are taking the proper nutritional supplements, especially vitamins and calcium.

Stated simply, bone spurs are localized overgrowths of bone in one location, and although this generally does not cause pain, its interaction with bones and nerves nearby can make it quite bothersome. Particularly a bone spur in the knee, as this is a joint that is frequently moving and a patient may suffer constantly from the friction that it causes. It can restrict movement, and especially for athletes it may be a big hassle. Although it’s not possible to prevent bone spurs, it is usually caused by the aging process or by constant pressure in an area. Sometimes, the spurs go away on their own, but when it makes daily activities intolerable it’s time to consider surgery.

Surgery for bone spurs in the knee repairs or replaces the joint which has suffered due to the existence of the bone overgrowth. This can be executed through open surgery under local anesthesia, which requires the skin to be completely moved back in order for the surgeon to reach the spur, which he can then smooth down until it is gone.

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