Do you get your braces colored for free?


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Aj Forward answered
Ya you can pick more than one color too
Stephen Antonelli Profile
No charge for color, I liked Blue at 35, now more than a few years ago. If you are young, use your retainer at night when the braces come off. It's all such a hassle but well worth taking care of your teeth as the years quickly sail bye.
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Maddie answered
Yes, I guess most orthodonists would put colors for free... And alternating. I've only seen two alternating colors though... Like green and white for Spartans, blue and pink if you like those colors, any colors if they have them.
And that is one awesome Blurtit picture!!!!!
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Zemmy answered
Uh yeah they do. I got mine coloured rainbow about 3 months ago. It looks a bit tacky... Go 4 a one colour!!
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John answered
Nothng is free except salvation.but non the less the price includes coloring if you want it or the orthodontist provides that service.the newest thing is clear braces/invisilign i think they call it.
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