What Makes A 72 Year Old Woman Have Hot Flashes And Night Sweats?


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Menopause is the most likely cause.

It sounds crazy. We think of menopause as something that happens to most women for a few years, around the age of 50. A few years of nasty symptoms, then it settles down, and that's it.

BUT, some menopausal symptoms linger, or recur. Even after decades or longer or nothing special.

The good news is that the symptoms are often treatable. It's very worthwhile seeing your doctor to ask for advice. A lot of women also get relief from supplements available at most health food shops: evening primrose oil, DHEA, other essential fatty acids. It might be worth it to you to experiment a little.

BUT do ask your doctor for advice first. Especially if you are on any other meds.

Besides menopause or lingering effects, other causes of hot flashes can include:

hormone imbalance
some medicines
some foods
sleep deprivation
some cancers
being too hot (if the air temperature is just plain hot)
spinal cord injury

The possibility of cancer is scary, but one of the least likely causes. Still, another good reason to chat with your doctor.

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