Is Coca Cola Made From Cocaine?


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No. Coca Cola is not made from cocaine. Coca Cola got its name from two specific ingredients, the caffeine-containing cola nut and the coca leaf. Cocaine is also obtained from the coca leaf.

Coca Cola was invented in 1886 by an Atlanta pharmacist as an elixir against headaches and tiredness. Headaches were very common back in 1886 and there were not many medications that could cure a headache.

By 1903 the brown liquid had been brewed with coca leaves, from which the cocaine had previously be extracted and this is why it is commonly thought that Coca Cola is made with cocaine.

Apart from cola nuts, the special taste of Coca Cola has contributions from vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, and lemons, though the exact formula is kept strictly secret.

In conclusion, Coca-Cola is not made with cocaine. It is made from the coca lead, which is the same leaf that is used to create cocaine.
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all that to finish that coca leaves are a extract so that is saying cocaine is part of the formula but not used as we know it. great
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So, whats the dirrerence, it was made by coca leaf and the cocaine as well.
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When it was first made it did have a little bit of caffiene in it but not enogh to get u high all the time but that was way back when it was first made it dosent anymore

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