Were Can I Find Free Dental Implants?


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In the United States, there's pretty much no such thing as free dental implants for adults any more.

Many people had hoped that Obama's medicaid reform packages would change that - but he hasn't been able to affect the state of healthcare in the United States one bit (in my opinion).

Free dental implants - do they really exist?
Nowadays, if you're living in the United States, the only way you're going to get free dental implants is if you're a minor.

That's because the austerity packages that the country is dishing out have cut into the allocated budget of important social institutions like Medicaid.

When Obama came into power - he promised to change the situation. But guess what? He didn't deliver!

That's not to say the Republican are any better, in fact it;s only because of Republican pressure that Obama has been so ineffective.

That doesn't mean I'm not disappointed with the guy - but we genuinely don't have any better options! You think a millionaire like Mitt Romney is going to care about social healthcare? He's the guy that reckons 50% of Americans are work-shy socialists!
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Nadic Network are a company that advertise dental procedures - but they are neither free, nor worth the money (according to the various reviews I've read).

Here's what they have to say about their service though:

Getting free dental implants - it ain't easy!

Certain implant procedures are designed to save our patients time and money by providing quality treatment in a shorter time frame, with doctors that have expertise in various areas of dentistry, and the utmost attention to details.

Implant treatment is provided at one location, by a doctor who will complete all phases of treatment, and a Master Laboratory Technician to manufacture the teeth.

Since our Doctors are under one roof, we can provide high quality Implant treatment with maximum efficiency and attention to detail. Nadic Network utilizes high technology equipment, including an I-CAT CT scanner and CAD/CAM laboratory instrumentation, to plan and produce a dental prosthesis that is accurate and precise.

In many cases, this is done in a one-day procedure that limits trauma to the patients with minimum surgery and timely production of the restoration.

No matter what the condition of your mouth, at Nadic Network we can remove damaged teeth, help eliminate periodontal disease, place implants into the bone, and give you a fixed (solid) set of teeth, in many situations, in a one-day.

Our procedure incorporates initial implant stability in the bone which gives us the ability to attach a set of teeth to the newly placed titanium implants, and allows the patient to leave the office with beautiful and functional teeth that are fixed in place.

The patient can leave the center that day and immediately begin smiling naturally and can become active again, without worrying about their teeth.

For the first several weeks, diet will need to be restricted to those foods you can cut with a fork, in order to avoid stressing the implants. But soon you will be eating all your favorite foods as you would with normal teeth.

Since the new teeth are attached to the implants, there no pain from the prosthesis rubbing against the gums (as there often is with dentures), because all the pressure from chewing is transmitted directly to the bone without rubbing on the gum tissue.

Thus, there are fewer return trips to the doctor’s office for relief of pressure sores, as there often are with dentures. And in many cases the procedure can be completed in one-day – saving significant time and money compared to conventional procedures that require multiple appointments spread over many months and often more than a year.
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You could contact a local free dental clinic to see if they can assist you in finding dental implants for free. Here is a page for clinics in the US:
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I live in Hereford and I can't stand my teeth any more, they keep playing up all the time. I would love to have my teeth done.

I have lost many of them now and I don't like to smile!
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My name is Jennifer and I'm from Kingsport,TN and I would like to know where I can get free dental implants I'm 25 years old and have 3 kids , and I'm a very depressed person because of my teeth.#

I have been wanting to go to nursing school for the last 4 years, but I can't because of my teeth. I have 2 in the front that is about completely gone and it's so embarrassing and depressing cause I know that there is nothing that I can do about it!

I can't even talk to my husband really, because I feel like he is staring at me and so I just sit at home doing nothing with my kids and I'm depressed all the time!

Please please help me! I want my life back!!
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If that were true, people would be FLOCKING to MICHIGAN!! Believe me ....when I say that only in rare cases (and this I DO NOT understand) will they fix teeth, even on medicaid or medicare...

In fact, a friend of mine who used a dentist for 18 YEARS and LOVED him was dropped when the new Obama plan with medicaid / medicare cuts and since he was on BOTH they dropped him FLAT OUT!

No if's, and's, but's. He got his whole dentures, implants, all kind of things he paid CASH dropped. Like that!
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I went to NADIC NETWORK to seek treatment for dental implants. This was the worst decision i've ever made in my life. I was introduced to this used car salesman who announced himself as DR J?? Watch out for this guy seriously. He purported himself to be a real dentist however when i called the dental board i discovered that he in fact is not licensed to practice dentistry. This is an illegal outfit under investigation. His wife owns the office and she too is not a dentist!!

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I live in New York and I have medicaid and its hard to get dental Implants because medicaid doesn't pay for them and I lost my 3 front bottom teeth due to cancer in my throat, so good luck finding some help on this!

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Free dental implant is not easy to find but yes at times there are some social camps. Though there is always a crowd their but still if you manage to get through you might get a good dentists.

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