What Is A Post Term Newborn?


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A post term pregnancy is one that extends beyond 42 weeks' gestation. The post term infant may be LGA, appropriate for gestational age, or SGA, or dysmature, depending on the placental function.

The cause of prolonged pregnancy is unknown. Factors associated with post maturity include anencephaly and trisomy 16 to 18.

If the placenta continues to function well, the foetus will continue to grow, which results in an LGA infant who may manifest such problems as birth trauma and hypoglycaemia. It placental function decreases, the foetus may not receive adequate nutrition. The foetus will utilize its subcutaneous fat stores for energy. Wasting of subcutaneous fat occurs, resulting in foetal dysmaturity syndrome. There are three stages of foetal dysmaturity syndrome.

Stage 1 – Chronic placental insufficiency.
--- Dry, cracked, peeling, loose, and wrinkled skin.
--- Malnourished appearance.
--- Open – eyed and alert baby.

Stage 2 – Acute placental insufficiency.
--- First two features of stage 1.
--- Meconium staining.
--- Perinatal depression.

Stage 3 – Subacute placental insufficiency.
--- Findings of stage 1 and 2 except the baby is not open eyed and alert.
--- Green staining of skin, nails, cord, and placental membrane.
--- A higher risk of foetal intra partum or neonatal death.

The post term is at an increased risk for developing complications related to compromised uteroplacental perfusion and hypoxia.

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