Can I Get Opiates Out Of My System In 36 Hours If I Drink A Lot Of Water And Cranberry Juice?


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i used to go to a methadone clinic and i came up negitive for it 3 times after drinking the methadone just the day doctor asked if i was drinking herbal tea....i was only drinking regular lipton tea (hot) but i drank about 10 to 15 cups in a day....and i was taking the methadone (95mgs) for 3 the hot tea kept washing the methadone right out of my system and i almost got kicked out of the clinic because of it! However a friend told me if you use cranberry juice, use the pomagranite cranberry juice.

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Opiates get into your body's fatty tissue. Cranberry juice and water probably will help your kidneys more than anything else. Try one of those Flush Kits from the head shop or health food store..... Good Luck!!!
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I smoked twice in the month of january I don't smoke I have a urine test feb 2 what can I do I am 5'3 weigh 147....
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I had to do a marijuana test before too, I was told drink my own pee for at least 24 hours prior to the test, and surprisingly... Nothing came up on the test
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That really depends on how much you smoke but that sounds like it should work. THC is stored in your fat cells and for a regular smoker it will stay in your system for a minimum of 30 days. When you go pee in the cup never give the first pee of the day, it's real dirty. Also, when you do pee, go in the toilet for a couple seconds or longer than fill the cup. Drink lots of water or juice before you go, try to pee as much as you can. Hope this helped a little. Good Luck
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I drank a TON of water today for a drug test and my pee actually came up clear and I only took 1mg xanax in the last year..but it was yesterday and I tested positive for it and positive for opiates which I last took two days water doesnt work. You have to wait the appropriate amount of time and depending on your metabolism and the amount you used as's different for everyone but it's the truth
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Cranberry juice is not guaranteed to clear your system of weed in 24 hours. It has been done before, but it al depends on the makeup of the person. Meaning that it is genetic if it clears your system or not
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I was a regular Marijuana user for a while, and as everyone knows it takes much longer to get out of your system, well I smoked it on a friday, drank a lot of water, and green tea, used cranberry and niacin(I Run 7-8 miles a day and Lift Weights) and I passed a personal drug test on monday morning and an official drug test on monday evening.
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Drinking cranberry juice & water is not going to get opiates out of your system any quicker. Opiates take 72 hours to clear the system no matter what.
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I agree it takes at least 72 hrs no mattter what u drink
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If you are passing your drug test every week after using opiates on a regular basis, chances are that you are not being tested for whatever drug you are using (opiates). Drinking water or cranberry juice does not speed up your metabolism. Therefore, it will not get opiates out of your system any quicker... Average time period for opiates to leave the system is 72 hours for occasional users and up to 7 days with daily use.
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It can usually if you drink enough of it and occasionally drink a lot of water in between
(ps. It has to be pure cranberry juice tho not light and not a cocktail)

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