How to get painkillers out of your system in 48 hours?


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Opiates take at least a month to work out of your system. If "they" are doing hair tests, get a hair cut. I will not work for a company that infringes upon my privacy like that. I was once on probation with the state of Tex-ass for one year. Never again. 3 hots and a cot at their expense, if I ever get into trouble again. This has become the Orwellian world that we have all feared. I will not submit to it, other than staying under the "radar".
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Arthur Wright answered
Absolutely, nothing you can do as detectable traces will remain no matter what you do for up to 6 months after last usage and anything used to eliminate these traces may show up as a covering agent
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Meta Forrest answered
Only thing to do is drink lots and lots of water . 

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