How Long Will One Hit Of Marijuana Stay In Your System, If You Have Been Clean For At Least 30 Days?


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How long does one hit of marijuana (weed) stay in your system?

One hit of marijuana will stay in a person’s system for between 3 to 30 days, if they have been clean for at least a month. The specific length of time depends on a number of different factors.

  • THC is the active component in marijuana (cannabis) and this (along with the metabolites it produces when processed by your body) is what medical professionals test for.
Testing your urine for THC and metabolites is usually done in two steps: The first one being EMIT.

The EMIT is used for screening, which is due to it being easy to use, inexpensive and reliable.
In order to prevent wrong positives, a "cut-off" is set.

The cut-off is - simply put - the amount of THC your urine may contain before it is considered illegal.

In most cases, the cut-off is set at 50ng/ml (50 nanograms per mililiter), which means that you do not need to "clean" your system in order to pass a drug test, but only reduce the amount of THC and THC metabolites to below 50ng/ml.

The easiest way to do this is to increase your metabolism, either through training
(up to 2000% increase) or by eating high-calorie foods which can raise it by 10%.

The halving time of TetraHydraCannabinol (THC) ranges between 0.8 to 9.8 days, so no-one will ever be able to tell you how low it will need to be for you to be (or be considered) clean. The possible variations are simply too great - for an infrequent user with good metabolism, it can be three days, but for a steady/frequent user with bad metabolism and a lot of body fat, it might be up to 45 days.

The main factors are:

  • Metabolism: A high metabolism means the THC will be cleaned out quicker.
  • Fluid Intake: Again, a high fluid intake will help clean out the THC.
  • Tolerance: There are many examples of frequent users whose tolerance makes them able to quickly clean the THC from their system.
  • Frequency of intake: The less, the faster.
  • Amount of Cannabis: The less, the faster.
  • Potency of Cannabis: The less, the faster.
  • Amount of body fat: THC stores in the body's fat cells and is then released slowly, so the less fat, the quicker the cleaning process.
If you want to clean the THC and the THC Metabolites out of your system, then you should do the following three things:

  • Train regularly.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Eat plenty, and eat high-calorie foods.
Marijuana is also known as cannabis, and is a popular recreational drug used around the world. It is illegal in many countries, whether possessed, grown, consumed or sold in any way.

However, the drug has been ruled as legal for medicinal purposes in a number of places. These include Canada, Belgium, Holland, Israel, the Czech Republic and various states within the USA.

Effects may be felt from a single hit of Marijuana (or the substance still present) between 3 to 30 days after use. The average is about 3 days, and generally no more than 10 days for an occasional user.

There is a chemical within the drug called THC, and the amount of this will determine how strong the hit will be, as well as the length of time that it will last. Various factors such as age, weight, and how the drug is taken (whether orally or through smoking) will decrease or increase the period during which it will stay within the body.

A person with a higher body weight will store more of the THC than a thinner individual, because THC is absorbed by fat. If the person also has a low metabolism, then this will increase the length of time the THC stays within their system.

Remember that marijuana is illegal in many countries, so professional legal advice should always be sought before getting involved with it in any way. Never feel pressured by others into using it either.
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I've been on parole for 6 years and have never had a positive for a urine test and have smoked weed hundreds of times.

Here's how you pass:

  • Drink as much water as is humanly possible as often as possible. When you give your sample, make sure it's clear as water. Pee at least once before the test, and never give the beginning of your urine or the end.
  • Take vitamin b12 for color.
  • Sweat as much as you can. This will cleanse your system.
I have had three tests where I smoked the night before a test, had no notice and only flushed for a few hours and still passed them all! And I'm not skinny as hell, I'm 225lbs!

As a rule though, never have more then 2 puffs - it'll get you a little high but won't put you at undue risk.
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Let me tell you this, I know for a fact that pot, especially one hit, will not come back dirty on a urine test. I smoked for seven months strong and it took twenty-two days to register clean.
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If you are an infrequent smoker and not overweight, drink plenty of water and cranberry pills, it should leave in a day or two - but being overweight can affect the time it takes, because THC stays in the fat cells.
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No, it will not show up in your urine. When someone smokes pot every day, that's a whole different ball game.
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I know that the vitamin, niacin helps break down fatty cells; where THC

stores itself....

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1 blunt can take you 30 days to get out of your system. The test might show that you have had some, whether it was a small amount or a large amount. 13 days is close.

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