How Much Does The Ab Circle Pro Cost?


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The Ab Circle Pro may be the fast, easy way to help you work out your entire core to get the six-pack abs you have always wanted, but it will cost you.  How much depends on how and where you decide to buy it.

If you order the machine online through the Ab Circle Pro official website, be sure to read the fine print.  A 30-day trial period costs $14.95.  Shipping and handling adds another $34.50 non-refundable fee.

Return the Ab Circle Pro before the trial period ends, and the website promises you won’t owe any more, but won’t you have to pay for shipping again?  If so, add in another $34.50.

If you keep the Ab Circle Pro, you will make six payments of $39.95 each.  Opt for one payment and your credit card will be charged $199.75, plus $34.50 shipping and handling.  The $14.95 preview fee gets waived, but you still get a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

Bottom line, the Ab Circle Pro can cost you over $200.00.

If you’re not picky about whether you buy from the Ab Circle Pro official website, other online outlets for the Ab Circle Pro include,, and, to name a few, but check out shipping and delivery costs, limitations on shipping locations, and return policies.

No matter where you buy your Ab Circle Pro, the cost of a piece of equipment is rarely just the purchase price.  Check out warranty details, repair history, if available, and whether the machine has to be returned to the manufacturer for repairs.  Shipping can get expensive.
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I've got an article on ab circle pro that explains that the $15 is just for a 30 day trial. If you don't return it within that time you will get charged 5 times $39.95 for a total cost of over $200.
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200 + 35shipping/handling = 235$
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Thats crap. Watch the morning shows! Its around the $200-odd plus delivery

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