Can You Drink Alcohol On The HCG Diet?


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I don't recommend drinking alcohol while you're on the HCG diet.

Sticking to this diet requires maintaining an intake limit  of 500 calories a day. So, why would you want to waste those calories on a vodka and coke when you could allow yourself something to eat instead?

As well as that, alcohol has several negative effects that may cause you to stray from your diet.

Alcohol and the HCG diet

There are two main problems when it comes to combining alcohol with the HCG diet:

  • Drinking alcohol can make you feel hungrier
  • Alcohol contains calories (more calories for booze = less calories for food)
  • Consuming alcohol can also slow down your weight loss
I'd take all of the above factors into consideration, before I started knocking backing the drinks.

Can you drink on the HCG diet?

After reading into it a little bit, I have to admit that it is unlikely that having one drink will throw your whole diet off. So, if you really need to have a drink, I'd suggest going for something that contains minimal calories.

Something like a vodka and soda (with a squeeze of lime) would be really good - or a vodka and orange juice would be another option.

There's a really useful tool on that can work out exactly how many calories are in the drinks you are thinking of enjoying.
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Bill Burns answered
Your doctor should answer this question. You should not be on this diet unless the doctor is monitoring and administering the prescription injections.
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They said no, but I'm tempted, too. Not worth it - but will get me a sip when my 40 days are up.
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I have drunk alcohol twice and lost 1/2 a pound instead of my regular 1 pound a day.

It was really just one drink and I felt guilty the whole time.
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I've had a drink a couple of times during my 28 days (so far) on the diet and each time I've woken up FAMISHED the next morning. Interesting side-effect.

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