Where Are The Weight Watchers Meetings In Jersey Please?


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To obtain information on Weight Watchers meetings in Jersey simply e-mail [email protected] or contact the Meeting Call Centre on 08457 123000.
The Weight Watchers Plan has brought significant success for millions of people who are aiming to lose weight and maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle. Its motto is "Your food, your life, your weight loss”.
According to its site the aim hasn’t changed over the years - it is simply to help you lose weight and learn how to keep it off. Because Weight Watchers believes that food is for life, for enjoyment and for good health, it have developed the new ProPoints plan using advanced weight loss science to give you a real weight loss advantage.
It has a ProPoints plan which is based around how many points different types of foods are. For example, if you decide to eat one of the chocolate cheesecakes this amounts to four and a half points and different foods correspond to different calories according to the plan. Its Four Pillars of Science-based approaches is based around behaviour, support, exercise and food
This means a balance of healthy eating, activity, small changes in behaviour and group support has always been at the heart of the Weight Watchers philosophy and is the reason why people who follow Weight Watchers can learn not just how to reduce weight but how to keep it off at the same time.
The ProPoints plan considers the key aspects of food and how each one is taken in or consumed by your system. The plan is created in order to make eating foods for weight loss enjoyable and sustainable as part of a healthy and balanced diet.

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