Can someone please give me some basic diets tips as well as recommend good ab machines for my stomach?


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If you are looking to sort out your diet and get yourself feeling a little healthier and losing a bit of weight, you need only follow these simple pointers:

• It's all about the balance

When you're contemplating dieting, most people often think of either the most lax or the strictest restrictions they can, meaning that they fail almost immediately. Some people decide that they will skip meals and basically starve themselves, which results in them binge eating and putting all the weight back on. Others put their restrictions too low, meaning that they don't really lose weight. You need to find something that works for you and make sure you incorporate every type of food into your diet. If you eat a bit of every food type and don't just stick to fatty foods or carbohydrates, you will sustain a good weight.

• Cut out the bad stuff

If you avoid things like alcohol, saturated fats and stodgy carbohydrates, you will undoubtedly lose weight. However, you don't need to completely cut these things out, just consume them in moderation. By doing this, you will still be enjoying the foods you love whilst maintaining a body that you can love.

If you are looking to get some exercise done using an ab machine, you may want to instead join a gym. By doing this, you get access to swimming pools and all kinds of gym equipment, meaning that you can focus on your body as a whole instead of just your stomach, allowing you to get better results.

If you are really set on getting yourself an ab machine, you may wish to look online on websites such as or where you can find incredibly cheap gym equipment that is catered to your specific needs.

Good luck with your health plan!

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