How To Kill An Unborn Baby?


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One way to kill an unborn baby is by having an abortion. An abortion involves the removal of a fetus or an embryo from the uterus. There are an estimated 42 million abortions performed each year throughout the world, with 20 million of these being unsafe. There are two types of abortion, an elective abortion is when the parent decides that they do not wish to proceed with the pregnancy and the baby is terminated. The other type of abortion is a therapeutic abortion. This is when the baby is removed to preserve the life of the mother. Abortions can be carried out medically or surgically. Medical abortions simply involve taking a drug called abortifacients. These are taken in early stages of pregnancy and effectively stop the unborn baby from growing any further. Surgical abortions involve removing the fetus or the embryo, and this can be achieved through a number of methods. Using the suction method is the most common form of surgical termination; this is normally the procedure for those who are 7 to 15 weeks pregnant.  Surgical dilation and evacuation, which can be performed from 15 weeks of pregnancy, is a procedure that involves stretching the cervix, and using forceps and suction to remove the fetus. A late abortion can be carried out for those who are 20-24 weeks pregnant. This is when the heartbeat of the fetus is stopped and the cervix is softened. The fetus and surrounding tissue is then removed. This type of abortion requires a general anesthetic. Unborn babies can also be killed if the mother has been exposed to excess drink or drugs. Babies affected by drink or drugs can cause a child to be stillborn. Some unborn babies can also choke on their own umbilical cord. This is known as in utero.

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