I want to kill my unborn baby? How do i do it with out hurting myself ?


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You can't, the safest way is to have an abortion, it will still hurt because you will get all the cramps and pains, but it is the safest way
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Please call !-800-848- LOVE and they will help you. Ive referred many young pregnant women on 3 Q&As to this number with very high success rate so please call and thye will help you
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Go to a abortion clinic
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Even if you go to an abortion clinic, you still hurt yourself, emotionally. You will grow older, and eventually want children. You will see others with babies and you will always wonder. It really isn't that simple as an 'abortion'.  There are many many agencies out there that will pay for your care, even house you, for the rights of your unborn to be placed in adoptions. There are 2 year waiting lists of parents out there that are desperate for your child. There are even contracts that can be made if you want to ever see your child at any point in your life. Think about the alternative.
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Please don't kill your baby. You may not feel like it now, but you will regret it later in you life. Please don't
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You shouldnt have got pregnant if you didnt want a baby! You do know that baby can feel pain? Just think how many couples want a baby sooo bad and can't have one,n then theres you  who wants to harm your own flesh and blood because you where silly enough to get pregnant and not want the child. I apologize if I sound horrible but its true. Like these people above have said, adopt! Every child has a right to live and it can make couples so happy.
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Dont have a go at her, its just what happens in life. Sometimes condoms dont work, the implant isnt working, and the pill sometimes can make you have children. And it is completely down to her, she came on here for support, not to be moaned at.
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Well she shudnt put it as she wants to kill her baby without hurting herself. That just makes her sound selfish to be honest. Yeah mistakes can happen but has that been mentioned?
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Thats murder if the baby is living!!!! (Adoption) couples always want a family and can't have one look into a good adoption clinic and go from there later on you will regret it if you hurt your baby just rethink what you are saying

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