Does Drinking Alcohol Kill An Unborn Baby?


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Drinking alcohol won't kill an unborn baby but too much alcohol intake is likely to cause problems throughout the life of the child. Alcohol in very small amounts will have virtually no effect on the health of an unborn child but like many things an excess will create problems.

  • The alcohol affect

Too much alcohol will effect the growth of an unborn baby. It's organs will fail to develop fully and lead to the child being smaller than average when born and is likely to grow up having a pale and unhealthy appearance. Some experts will claim that any alcohol will be harmful whilst others will argue that no lasting harm is done by drinking a moderate amount of alcohol such as a glass or two of wine per week.

  • Impact

Whatever the mother eats or drinks is literally passed on to her unborn child through the bloodstream into the placenta. Too much alcohol, like smoking, impacts on the quality of oxygen and nourishment being fed to the baby which will stunt the development of their brain, heart and lungs.

  • Effect
The effect of alcohol abuse on a new born child is known as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, as well as stunting growth, it also effects the senses and reactions. The more alcohol that a mother consumes the greater the danger that the unborn child is placed under- in severe cases it could lead to the child being handicapped if they are unable to develop naturally in the womb.

  • Overall

Since there is no agreed definition of what is 'too much' alcohol, many experts would urge that a no alcohol policy is used during pregnancy. However, since pregnancy is a stressful time and results in a significant change in body shape and emotions, some experts suggest that a regular small amount of alcohol could actually be beneficial since it can have a relaxing impact on the mother.
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The likelihood that one beer would significantly matter in your child's health is slim.  While it is preferable to avoid harmful substances while pregnant, your BAC after one beer is so low that, while not advisable, the sustained affect of such a small amount of carcinogen  (ethanol)in your system is short lived and also rather limited in amount.  Rest easy and have a wonderful pregnancy, avoiding alcohol in the future.  Blessings to you and your family.
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It can do a number of things.  If the doctor suspects you drinking and the baby is born with any problems due to this they can press charges against you and put you in jail for neglect etc.  If you don't want to be pregnant you should have been more responsible or whomever is.  Not fair a baby has to suffer from one being so irresponsible.  Look into adoption, if you don't want your baby.
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I agree with the others. It probably will not do any damage, however, please don't drink or smoke anymore if you are pregnant. That is a part of being a parent...sacrifice. Sometimes you have to sacrifice one or 2 of your pleasures for the health and/or benefit of your innocent baby. And don't flip out. Flipping out does help in any situation. Stay calm, go see a doctor and go for regular prenatal visits, and like Amore said...have a wonderful pregnancy. Good luck sweety, and enjoy your new little angel that is coming.
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One beer shouldn't cause any harm.  I had two before I found out I was pregnant with my son and he was born perfectly healthy.  Amore had it right.  Enjoy your pregnancy!  :)
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The person asking clearly just wanted to know an answer, not get a preaching from a pro-life maniac with nothing better to do. Going through a pregnancy is hard enough without having to put the child up for adoption. Drinking can kill an unborn fetus, but its not guaranteed to, and you could end up with a child with birth defects. The best option for terminating a pregnancy is abortion or to keep a few morning after pills on hand, as well as practicing safe sex, birth control is not always effective, other medications or skipping a pill can lead to unwanted pregnancy, so always use a backup method such as condoms or spermicides. It is a big decision to make but so is having a child when you aren't prepared for it or ready to take on the responsibility. But it is your choice, remember that and don't let anyone else tell you the decision your making is the wrong one. Everyones situation is different, what is wrong for someone else may be right for you.
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Most likely not.  I wouldn't drink if you are pregnant but I wouldn't flip out over 1 beer either.
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Also, your baby can be born with fetal alcohol syndrome, where it has a small head and is developmentaly slow,and possibly mentally retarded, among other things! Quit now for your babys sake, it may be too late.

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