What Are The Different Types Of Fractures?


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Simple fracture, is a single fracture with two fragments
transverse fracture is a fracture that goes in a horizontal pattern
oblique is a diagonal pattern
longitudinal goes vertically down the bone
torus fracture is a buckling of the bone in children
green stick is where the outer cortex of the bone is fracture but the bone remains in one piece
open fractures, protrude through the skin
commuted is more than two fragments
crush injury is often associtated with a complex commuted fracture having many fragments

colles fracture is a fall on an out stretched hand in which the radial head at the radio ulnar joint is fractured on the volar surface

smiths or revers colles is a revers off this

Bennett's fracture is a dislocation fracture at the base of the thumb

galleazi fracture is the fracture of the ulna radius with associated dislocation of the radio-ulna joint

monteggia fracture is the fracture of the ulna with the dislocation of the radial head at the elbow
Jones fracture is a fracture of the 5ht metatarsal (small toe) which is not an avulsion fracture

avulsion fracture is a piece of bone has been ripped apart by the ligament after a strain injury

stress fracture occurs during activities such as walking

lis franc fracture is where the 1st ans 2nd metatarsals have become seperated shifting all the toes laterally

Hillsacks fracture is the fracture of the impacted humeral head

Bankhearts is a fracture of the Glenoid in the shoulder

a spondylolysis is a fracture in the lumbar spine

jeffersons fracture is in the neck at the level of C1 C2 atlas and axis in which c2 has a compression at the vertebral body

theres a few for you =)
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Before the types of fractures are discussed it is very important to know, what a fracture is. A fracture is a break in a bone. There is no difference between a broken bone and a fractured bone. It can be caused by a direct hit, a crush injury or by indirect transmission of force from one part of the body to another. A fairly strong force is necessary to break a bone, but in children the bones are softer and in elders they are brittle.
Fracture can be of different types some of which are discussed below
Below are the few types of closed fractures
Greenstick fracture- usually occurs in children because the bones are not yet fully hardened. It is not a complete break but the bone is spilt on one side and buckled at the other like the splitting of a greenstick. It heals quickly

Comminuted fracture-occurs in crush injuries and the bone in such cases is broken into many pieces.

Complicated fracture-it is a simple fracture in which broken bones may have damaged blood vessels, nerves and other tissues.

Open (compound) fractures- is such cases the skin is broken and the bone may protrude through the skin. This is serious because of profuse bleeding and susceptibility to infection.
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I still can't find my fracture

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