What Are The Different Types Of Bleeding?


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Before I elaborate on the types of bleeding, it is very important for one to know what is bleeding. It is the loss of blood from the circulatory system, usually caused by wounds or rupture of blood vessels

The different types of bleeding are as follows
External bleeding
Internal bleeding
Arterial bleeding
Venous bleeding
Capillary bleeding

External bleeding- in this bloods escapes from the circulation to the outside of the body e.g. wounds

Internal bleeding-this occurs when blood escapes the circulation but remains inside the body. It can be visible, as when a casually coughs up blood or vomits blood or it may be invisible when it is inside one of the body cavities or in the form of bruise which may be associated with a fracture.

Arterial bleeding-this is the most serious form of bleeding. In this the blood spurts out from the arteries in a pumping like action and the color of blood is bright red. Severe bleeding must be controlled immediately

Venous bleeding- the blood in such cases is of darker red color, it does not spurt but gushes severely

Capillary bleeding-the most common form of bleeding that occurs in all minor wounds. The blood in such cases oozes out.

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