What Is Profuse Bleeding?


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Whilst there is no specific medical definition for 'profuse bleeding', the term can be broken into two parts and still make sense. 'Profuse' means abundant; in great amount' while 'bleeding' pertains to the loss of blood either through a laceration or damage to the skin, or via an orifice. Therefore we can assume that profuse bleeding is a loss of blood in a large amount.

There can be any number of causes for profuse bleeding, but anyone who experiences a loss of blood which is more than would be reasonable should seek urgent medical attention. Some people experience certain medical conditions which can cause their blood to thin - something everyone experiences when they've been drinking alcohol. Bleeding of any sort can be dangerous for these people as it is often difficult to ebb the flow, leading to profuse bleeding.

Loss of blood in high quantities can cause death, and whilst the quantity needing to be lost before a situation becomes complicated can vary greatly depending on a person's size and age, any blood loss that shows an unwillingness to stop should be attended to by a physician immediately.

Aside from skin damage, there are a number of internal malfunctions that can lead to profuse bleeding, which will manifest itself as the appearance of blood in a person's excrement or urine, or as a leak of blood from some orifices. Renal failure can lead to the appearance of blood in the urine, which is usually an indication of a serious medical problem without the need for bleeding to be profuse.

As with all medical issues, consult a doctor if you are in any doubt at all about your own health, or another person's.
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Compare it to hemorrhaging. Means the bleeding is actually uncontrollable.
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Uncontrollable bleeding

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