Does Arthritis Causes Your Fingers To Swell And Turn Red And Itch, And Have Soars On It?


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Swelling, yes....but the redness and itching arn't any signs or symptoms of arthritis....more likely that it may be a rash or allergic reaction to something....if you wash your hands a lot the water will dry them out very bad!!!
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Check your blood pressure, late day salt intake and room temperature.  I have found if you eat too much salt, lay still, and the room temperature is too hot, your fingers, toes, and joints will retain fluid making them sore to the touch, dry and itchy.  Watch your salt intake and sleep with the temperature cooler.
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 You should talk with your Doctor!

you might have contagios rash or I could be a new medicine your taking 

but if your worried go to the emergency room!

     CF mom,


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Sounds like eczema to me!

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