Can I Get Pregnant If We Wore A Condom?


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My boyfriend and I had sex with a condom and I am not on birth control. We put it on right away and right after he came we took it off. He told me he checked it for holes afterwards and no fluid came out. Is there any chance that I could be pregnant?
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Condoms don't have to "break".  They can leak, with the hole being so small literally only a drop of fluid got through.  But that drop had tons of sperm, and obviously you have a child on the way who REALLY wants to be here.
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Can you get pregnant if you use an expired condom but it didn't have any leak
pls answer this
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I shouldnt say you could as long as the condom didnt split. But condoms are only around 95% effective I think so you still have to be careful just using condoms. If your worried about getting pregnant with using condoms use another form of contraception like the pill as well as condoms.  It increases the chance of not getting pregnant as well as protecting against STD's. 2 for 1 lol
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Condoms are 99% effective if used properly.
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Did it have a hole in it or broken then yes if not then no just take a test to be one safe side and good luck 2 you
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No you can't get pregnant unless the condom burst and gets  torn then you are likely to get pregnant.

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