My Boyfriend Wore A Condom And Pulled Out, Will I Get Pregnant?


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Ellie Hoe answered
If condom was not broken during sex then zero percent chances of pregnancy even he pulled out or not. For pregnancy, union of sperm and egg is necessary and in case of sex by using condom, this union is not possible because sperms are not released in the vagina and remain inside condom. Chances of pregnancy during condom use exist only when it burst during sex and sperms are released inside vagina.

So, in my opinion, you are not pregnant by any means because you are using very effective and one of the reliable method of birth control.
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Jenni moodle answered
I think he means he wore a condom whilst having sex but still pulled out of the girl before he ejaculated. Using condoms is only 95% effective anyway but I think if you didnt actually cum inside the girl even with the condom on I don't think she will get pregnant. Unless of course the condom wasnt on properly or split.
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Kaley Mayhew answered
None at all.... You don't need to worry...
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Marilee Rizo answered
Allot my dear!!You have to be secure with only one good rubber condom (is a myth that 2 or more is better it actually has more chances of it to pop inside the woman's Virgina) and make sure its rolled all the way to the top during and after ejaculation or any contact with uterus. Hope it helps :) good luck

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