What Is The Best Way To Drink Green Tea For Weight Loss?


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Well green tea is very effective in weight loss and the best way to drink green tea is after every meal, but do not use any sugar. Instead of sugar, use lemon juice in every cup of green tea and take that in morning before breakfast. After that take a cup of green tea after every meal but do not put any sugar in it. Green tea will help in the digestion of food and also will help your metabolism and the added lemon juice will help burning the fats in your body. Keep this routine for at least three months and you will start seeing the results after 2 weeks.

Another very effective home remedy for weight loss is that you should take a glass of water (Luke warm) and put the juice of one lemon in it and also a small tea spoon of honey. Stir this mixture well and take that in the morning before breakfast and even before brushing your teeth. Continue this for 3 months and you will see the results.

If you start some activities like walking or running along with these remedies then the results are visible in a week's time. Also avoid using rice and potato in your daily diet.
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It will be so good for you to drink it. It does not matter how :)
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Green tea resists the complex carbohydrates being transformed into simple sugar, thus slowing the process of saturated fat accumulation. Another factor is taken more than one times during the day, one feels full and is less attracted towards eating food. This prevents people from using fast food when they feel hungry in between the meals.
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I am also drinking 3-4 times a day green tea  since 3 years and can tell you: It works, feeling and looking better. I also found a Slimming Oolong tea, which is good too, fruity taste, check here: Www.teasante.com
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Drink 2-4 cups daily.

Drink them at pretty much the same times every day, preferably in the morning.  Green tea also has caffeine in it, which will keep you from your beauty sleep (and also make it harder to diet, read about the importance of enough sleep in losing weight or keeping it off).

Make the tea up with hot but not very hot or boiling water; too hot water on the leaves makes the tea taste bitter; if it tastes too bitter you won't want to drink it daily or you'll be tempted to add sugar to it.  Steep the tea for about 2-2.5 minutes, any longer and it tastes too bitter. Read more about getting the ideal taste out of green tea.

Consider taking a herbal supplement that has the weight-loss ingredients but not the caffeine or potential bad taste.

Review all of your diet and lifestyle -- green tea cannot work miracles.  You still need to cut out junk food, eat lots of healthy food, and get regular exercise and sleep to get the benefits.
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The best way to drink green tea for weight loss is 3 times a day after every meal.
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Drink 2-4 cups a day and really green tea is very healthy and even helps to reduce hair loss too...My uncle drinks regularly.
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I'm an absolute green tea addict and drink the stuff all day but for actual weight loss you'd be better off taking green tea extract in capsule form as the nutrients and antioxidants that aid weight loss are in higher dosage than in a cup. You can also take up to three a day. On the other hand if you do want to drink it and don't want to bother with the capsules try blending some loose green tea with either some yerba mate or kuding tea. This not only super charges the health benefits but also it's ability to speed up your body's natural fat burning rate if drank first thing before breakfast. Brew for two minutes, three minutes for the second brew and four minutes for the third.
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Yes green will help you to lose your weight. You can take green tea in the form of ice cream, it will give better response to reduce your weight. You can found in a green tea as a flavour EGCG, Health boosting antioxidant. You can take green tea 3 to 4 times in a day that will cause any health defect.

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The best way to drink green tea for weight loss is to combine it with a calorie restricted diet.

The truth that most won't tell you is the VAST majority of the weight loss struggle comes down to diet...not any pill, or any other aid such as green tea.

Calories in vs calories out...

Take at least 2-3 cups of green tea to help boost your metabolism throughout the day, but make sure you are in a calorie deficit and preferably doing aerobic activity to help lose the weight.

Take your weight, multiply it by 15..whatever you get is the calories you need to maintain your current weight.  Take in less calories then this each day and you will lose weight. 

You need to burn 3,500 calories to burn 1 pound of fat!

You can find more info on the proper way to go about all this here.

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Green tea show good effect within less time span, just 2 cups of green tea with no sugar at early morning and afternoon around 4.


Drink it early in the morning and make sure you don't drink or eat anything for next 2 hours. You can see the results in 1 week.

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To make use of the ingredient to quickly get rid of excess weight, you should consume 3-4 cups of green tea per day after each meal.

Besides, you also can consume dragon fruit. Dragon fruit with  the richness of fiber in its compound will support for weight loss, which you can read at: Dragon fruit-Health benefits

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Norma! I do not know of any best way, but from personal experience, I can
confirm that having a green tea after dinner works pretty well. I have come
across people who have had it daily for a long period of time and have noticed
amazing results. However, it would be good to avoid having it more than once a

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I am taking black tea in breakfast dhan 3 time green tea per day..will it work for weight loss...?

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