What is the best and safest way to lose weight fast?


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Walk a lot. Don't sit down. You can burn 40 calories an hour just by walking around casually. Also sing a lot when you walk. If you live by yourself, belt out a tune. If you hardcore sing for an hour you can burn about 200 calories. Sit in a sauna also. Sauna's make you sweat a ton. On some occasions, depending on the humidity of the sauna, you can actually lose 5-10 pounds of water weight by being in there for an hour or two. Swimming also is super fun. Go to the YMCA and bring a ton of friends along to splash around. You don't even realize your exercising every muscle in your body. Also take your ipod and go for a walk. Also, although you shouldn't count the amount of calories your eating, always look at the box and see the amount of calories in the food that your consuming. Unless it's healthful, you should try to never eat over 150-200+ calories of Twinki's or poptarts. Also make sure that in the morning you eat something good. People are always eating WAY too many sugar cereals. Freeze fruit and put it in a container in your freezer. When you're in a snacky mood pull the container out and eat some frozen fruit. Also don't drink too much fruit juice (that stuff is like 2% juice and loaded with sugars!!) Oh and another thing I do when I'm desperate to loose weight, is a strip down to my bra and underwear and eat in front of a full length mirror (I know weird, right?) but I do this so that I can see the effects of eating too much food. Eat until your satisfied, not full. Eat to live, don't live to eat.
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If you're looking for the best and safest way to lose weight fast...

First of all...you're going to want to adopt a diet of no less than 1,200 calories (if we're talking safe)...

Secondly...you're going to want to do about 1 hour of cardio each day on an elliptical so you can burn an additional 500 calories each day which amounts to 3,500/week, just enough to burn another 1 pound/week.

One other thing you can do is do this using the intermittent fasting protocol...this will allow you to maximize your fat loss during the fasting periods, avoid plateaus and allow you to feel relatively satiated even while dieting down.

Basically, fast for 16 hours and fit all your meals in an 8 hour window...During the fast, you can have sugar free gum, celery or 1-2 cups of coffee with very little milk/sugar (no more than 50 calories).

As for the rest of your food..make sure to eat predominantly vegetables and lean meats along with 1-2 fruits/day.

You could also throw in a handful of nuts at each meal, they will help keep you full longer as well.

Also, drink a lot of water...8 glasses at least.

This system explains everything in more detail.

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