Does Sweat Smell?


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The answer to this question is no. Sweat does not actually smell. If it did, everyone who walked into a sauna would go in with large clothes pins on their nose. The actual sweat itself does not have an odour. It is the bacterium that is in sweat that actually stinks.

Sweat is made of up of many organic substances, and these substances serve as food for various bacteria. When these different bacteria begin to break down the sweat, the nasty stink begins.

In conclusion, when a person is sweaty, they do not stink because of the actual sweat. They stink because the bacterium on their body is breaking down the sweat and this is what is creating that nasty smell. People use deodorants to prevent the smell; however, deodorants do not stop the sweating. Deodorants only hamper the alteration of the bacteria that is being form within the sweat.
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Yes because sweat is  you Urena  that when you work out it evaporators but the get colder and teurn back in to water but still with the smell of the urena lest in

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