Why Is Our Sweat Salty?


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Sweat is also known as perspiration. The main content of sweat is water so we can say that sweat comprises mainly of water. But it is not just water; it also has minerals as well as urea and at times lactates. The minerals may include sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and smaller amounts of zinc, copper, chromium, nickel and lead. This however is variable and it depends on the content of each in your body. If there is a high content of these in you body, more will escapes through sweat.
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Perception or sweat is made out of water present in the body. It is the way through which the body cools itself. There are about 2.6 million sweat glands on average in the body of an individual. These sweat glands are present on our entire body except some parts like genital organs and lips. In the layer of the skin dermis there are sweat glands and when the body is exposed to heat or high temperature then the person sweats. This process is very similar to the process of transpiration in plants which also results in cooling effect.
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Sweating or perspiration, sometimes referred to as transpiration, is the generation and evaporation of a fluid that has the consistency of water. The main constituent of sweat is sodium chloride (in solution), which is also the basic constituent of table salt. This is why our sweat is salty to taste. Sweat is excreted by glands that are located in the epidermal layer of mammals.

In human beings, sweating is mainly a method of regulating the body temperature. When the sweat gets evaporated from the surface of the skin, a cooling effect is generated owing to the latent heat of evaporation of water. Thus, in hot weather, or as a result of exertion, more sweat is generated. Cold sweat is generally linked with fear or the remembrance of fear.
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Cinnamon didn't answer the question.  He just explained what salty water is.  WHY is it salty, not what is it.
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There are two meanings to the question: What biologically makes sweat salty? And, what is the reason for sweat being salty.
This website: why do we sweat? may help to answer your questions

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