Is It Ok To Donate Blood While You Are Pregnant?


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Donating blood when you are pregnant is risky. The development of the baby in the womb takes up a lot of vital nutrients from the blood and a blood donation made during this delicate phase is certain to affect the well being of the mother and the child. The hormonal changes within the mother's body also lead to blood pressure problems that can only be aggravated by this. In addition, being the recipient in the transfusion, pregnant has its own advantages and disadvantages as does being the donor. The to-be-mother has to consider her exposure to the HIV virus and infection during the procedure that involves the needle and her own delicate condition. Anyway, a gynecologist would never recommend a blood donation during pregnancy.

The expectant mother has to be aware of all the implications and risks involved and needs to carefully consider her health and that of the baby in the womb, if she agrees to the procedure without the consent of her doctor. The loss of blood could also affect the 'stage' of pregnancy and the labor and ultimately, the delivery. It is very essential to discuss something as important as a blood transfusion during pregnancy with the family gynecologist, before even harboring the notion. A wrong move could endanger the unborn child and the mother's well being.
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You have asked a really serious question. That's why I'm concerned to answer it as soon as possible. You asked that if it is okay to give blood while a lady is pregnant. For sure, it is not at all okay. I repeat a pregnant lady should not do it. A pregnant lady must not do it. Not at all!

Now I should tell you the reason as well and I think it is necessary to tell you the reason. In fact when, a baby is in the womb of his/her mother. That baby would get his/her food through the blood of his/her mother.

If the mother will give the blood to anyone then it will cause the weakness for her and as a result the baby will not get the diet required for the growth. From this short explanation I think you can understand easily why a pregnant woman should not give blood to anyone.

Remember that a pregnant lady is taking care of 2 lives. One of her own life and the other is the life of the expected guest. So she should always keep in mind this thing that she is responsible for 2 lives. If she will harm herself in anyway then, it would also affect her baby. So she must be careful about her health. And if she will do so, it can also cause the death of mother as well as the child. I hope this answer is enough. I hope I've given you enough information that is necessary for you to know.
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Blood Donation & Necessary measures.

It is usually been observed that many people donates blood but do not bother to think about its present status and situation whether his/her health allows you to do so. If Otherwise, it may results; a lots of problems and become the donor itself ill. This is where one should take care before one donates blood. In the situation especially you asked about, you are advised not to donate blood because you need a good and continuously good health at least up to delivery. Following are main reasons supports my advice.
1. The donated blood may take up to forty days to be recovered in body. As the baby is totally dependent on your health and healthy blood, this may has bad effect on his growth and health which may not be ignored in any case.
2. As the mother feeds his/her child, in this situation she needs to be healthier comparatively. The more the mother healthier, the more the child will be healthier.
3. By the time of delivery, it is commonly observed that the mother needs some extra blood to have as there will be more bleeding.

Keeping in view the above, you may not donate blood in the current situation.
Wish you best of luck.
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Pregnant women are proscribed from donating blood. This is a rule in all blood banks as it is not safe. Although no problems as such have been filed, for safety purposes it is strictly prohibited. As there are risks of harming the baby and the mother thus you are advised to not donate blood.

One must also be informed that only after completing six weeks after delivery is one eligible to donate blood. And if you have suffered from great loss of blood or anaemia, then you must have patience and wait for longer.

However unless there is a grave emergency and your blood type is needed, and you are the only person having that particular blood type, then only if you are carrying the child you may be permitted to donate blood.

However in your case, where it is just a blood donation drive, then it is seriously not advisable as you may jeopardize your baby's health.

There are several sites that offer the guidelines of blood donation. One of this site is \n'; advert += '
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The American Red Cross lists pregnant women as being ineligible to donate blood and advises waiting at least six weeks after giving birth.

One possible exception is if your doctor expects that you may need a blood transfusion for a high-risk pregnancy or delivery. In this situation, you may be asked to bank some blood for yourself in case you need it.
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