Smoking Is Bad When You Are Pregnant But Its OK While You Are Trying Isn't It?


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You need to take a reality check. Smoking is the single most damaging habit you can acquire whether pregnant, "trying" or celibate.
When pregnant you and your unborn baby do much better if you are in optimal health to start with. Start to plan quitting now, set a date, get whatever help you need and go for it. Put the money you save toward a pram or a cot. Best of luck.
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Smoking is a very bad idea when you are pregnant because the chemicals in tobacco smoke narrow the blood vessels in the placenta making it more difficult for the growing baby to get the nourishment it needs. Babies born to mothers who smoke are often underweight at birth and can have other problems.

There is now new evidence that smoking before pregnancy, whilst trying to conceive is also a very bad idea. A new study has just shown that heavy smoking may reduce female fertility by directly affecting the uterus – it makes it less receptive to a fertilised egg and reduces the chances the embryo will implant.

The finding, from a team of fertility experts in Portugal and Spain, comes as a result of comparing the pregnancy rates between non-heavy smokers and heavy smokers, all of whom received donated oocytes. Two groups of women getting IVF treatment were compared; 741 non-heavy smokers (under 10 cigarettes a day) and 44 heavy smokers (over 10 a day). None of the women's partners were smokers and none of the oocyte donors were heavy smokers. The two groups of recipients were comparable and the number of embryos transferred in each cycle (between one and three) was also comparable between the groups.

Results shown that the non-heavy smokers had a significantly higher pregnancy rate, with over half becoming pregnant (52.2%), compared with just over a third (34.1%) of the heavy smokers.
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Smoking is bad in any case, but during pregnancy you also hurt your baby's organism. I started feeling better almost immediately as soon as I refused from cigarettes (in favor to vaping and refillable vape cartridge ).

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