How Soon After Unprotected Sex Can A Home Test Detect Pregnancy?


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I don't know why they have all these questions that have been here for two years and by now you probably have a couple of kids. Anyway you need to wait about a week after your period is suppose to start to do a pregnancy test ot you wont get a good reading.
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Well the first day of my last  period was june 9th I had intercourse on the 22nd how soon can I take a home pregnancy test
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You should wait about 19 day after unprotected sex before you try taking a test and if that is still before your period due date and the test is negative do another one if you are late with you period to be sure !
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Anyway it depends. If you had sex like 2 or 3 days after your period, yeah lol, you have a high chance of being pregnant. And well it depends on fertilization to, but usually in like 2 weeks just go take a urine test that sensitive to hcg or you can always take a blood pregnancy test
It's best to actually wait for your period so you don't get false results. If you missed your period, simply take the test the day after you were supposed to start. Don't get a cheap store brand; they will give you false results.
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You should take test soon after you miss your period. It is recommended by most of the doctors. Take blood pregnancy test as it is more accurate than a urine test.
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You usually have to wait about 3 to 4 weeks ...I took a pregnancy test a week before my period and it came out positive...
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Unprotected sex is very dangerous thing; every one have to be very careful about this, it can cause many problems. Especially female face so many problems because of this unprotected sex.

Well to detect the pregnancy after unprotected sex is very simple. If you have the pregnancy checking stick at home then you can check easily that you are pregnant or not. On the stick you can see, positive and negative signs. Positive means yes you are pregnant and negative means you are not.

You just have to place some of your urine drops on that stick (that place will be given) and after some time, you can see the stick sign either positive or negative. If the level is more towards positive then it means that you are pregnant, if the level is towards negative then obviously you are not.

If you don't have that stick at home, then you can also check at home. For this you have to wait for your periods date. If your periods don't come in that month then, it is sure that you are pregnant.If you don't have periods problem then this is the most effective method to check the pregnancy level at home.

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