When Is The Best Time To Do A Home Pregnancy Test?


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And even though your test came out negative...sometimes they do...during the first month of your pregnancy....that doesn't mean your not pregnant....try again in a week...don't be in such a hurry to be pregnant (if you are trying)...you want to enjoy being a teenage and hang out with your friends and have fun...responsibility comes with babies and you need time with your friends...to go the movies and hang out and be yourself...but if you are pregnant there are people who you can go talk to...who will understand...like a Aunt or guidance counselor...Joy
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Paula Curran answered
If you are getting a "dollar store" test... I would suggest doing it in the morning, being that they are a little bit of lower quality, but if you get one of the top name brands, really you can do it any time.
In the first month a lot of tests will show up negative, because there are not as many of the hormones in your system to give you that positive.
Also, try to go to one of the "free clinics", they will be able to do an acurate test, along with helping you in which ever direction that you want or need to go with your pregnancy.
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siara ricioppo answered
I would do it right in the morning, when your pee is fresh :)
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Big Hearted answered
the best time to take a home test is always in the morning when your urine is more concentrated. You can still be pregnant even with a negative result. I would wait a couple days and take another test with your first release of the day

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