After How Many Days I Will Take Pregnancy Test And I Will Get Positive Result?


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I missed my period 7 days back. My cycles are regular but I done pregnancy test it is negative? Why
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If the day of intercourse is today.after how many days after we have to do pregnancy test?
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I missed period this month in 5 days  now I will take home pregnancy test
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Pregnancy test become positive in urine when hCG levels are 20-25. These levels are usually achieved 2 weeks after conception, so, a pregnancy test on the day of missing of periods on due date can give 95% reliable results if done properly.

Some ladies, ovulate and conceive late during cycle, and their hCG levels also take time to increase up to detectable levels. After 2 weeks of conception,  hCG levels can be 3-426. This means there are still some chances if your test is negative on missing of periods on due dates. After 4 weeks of conception, hCG levels are sufficient enough to give 100% reliable results. So, in my opinion, you should get pregnancy test after 6 weeks from first day of last menstrual periods.
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I have had sex this weekend just gone but we never used protection; I was on my period a week before I even had sex; how long do I have to wait to use a pregnancy test? I'm desperate to no!
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If you have missed periods on due dates then you can confirm pregnancy by taking test but a test 2 weeks after missing of periods is more reliable.
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Better to wait for 19 days after the unprotected test or wait for a week after missing your period, also check if the period is regular or irregular than you have to count on the last period.
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I would give it a week before taking the test. It definably can be possible. Your actually more likely to become pregnant the first couple of months after discontinuing a birth control. One sure way of knowing you are pregnant- your breast get extremely sore!!! You'll know the difference. They are sore to touch, and to wear a bra. I would still give it a week though. After not using the birth control your body has had, your hormones are going through shock. That might be stalling your period. Good Luck!!
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Urine pregnancy tests can be accurate from 2 days after missed period or 6-8 days after ovulation
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Some pregnancy tests can detect pregnancy as early as your first day of a missed period. But shop around, there may be a more advanced test, it just may cost more. However, try not to stress until you are "late". And remember stressing can cause you to be off schedule too... Good luck!
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You can test with first response pregnancy test as early as 6 days before you are usually due to start your period.
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You can take a test anytime you wish to do so, are you looking to get pregnant if not why would you have unprotected sex.....the best to you
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You will be able
to get the most accurate test results a week after the date of your
missed period. You can get more information by watching this video: How Pregnancy Tests Work.

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