I Have Dizziness And Tingling In My Fingers. What Do These Symptoms Mean?


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Chris Tackett answered
Could mean anything. Your sugar could be low, hungry? Why wait? Grab a snickers!
I'm by no means making fun of your situation, I would eat something with some sugar and if it doesnt help go to the doctor
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tinga nih answered
It is too vague.. But you do have problems with the circulation.. You maybe hypertensive..
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Hey I'm 15, I have all the flu symptoms and during the past 2 days I've discovered a strange sensation in my fingers and in my feet but more intense in my fingers. All my muscles have been aching and sinuses and I've had some sort of an ear ache, I'm just hoping it's all from the flu because when I typed in my symptoms on net search it said brain tumor and I thought the worst, I visited the doctor and she booked me for a blood test, does anyone have any feedback please? :(

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