I Have Tingling In My Hands And Feet Along With Fatigue. What Could It Be?


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Do you often experience tingling of the hands, lips, and feet? If yes, you may be suffering from allergies. These are very common symptoms that one experiences when he or she is allergic to a particular food, chemical, pollen, and other substances.

Allergies affect millions of people around the world regardless of age, gender, or race. They come in varied forms. There are those allergic to certain foods like shrimps and even fruits like berries. Many are also allergic to pollutants in the air like ash, smoke, and dust. A great number of individuals also suffer from allergies caused by chemicals they inhale such as those found in cleansing agents and cosmetics. In addition, there are those who are easily allergic to pollen, insect bites, and animal fur.

People have different allergic reactions in the same way that they get allergic to different kinds of substances. Allergens are found almost everywhere and once they get into your system your tendency is to sneeze and your skin becomes red and swollen. Others experience tingling in their body particularly in the hands, lips, and feet. Itchiness and slight fever also accompany allergies.

So how do you avoid allergies? The best and most practical means to do so is avoiding allergens. If you’re already aware that you’re allergic to a particular substance, you have to stay away from it as much as possible. It’s imperative that you keep your house neat and clean at all times. Be careful with what you eat and the kind of things you use such as makeup, cleansers, and many more.

Doctors would often recommend taking antihistamines to treat allergies. However, before you pop one into your mouth make sure you consult your doctor first. This is one way to ensure you get proper medication for your condition.
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This could also be due to certain medications that you are on I was on one medication Tompax that caused this with me. I was actually admitted to the hospital doctors thinking I had a stroke. It could be medicine, related medical problems, just letting you know I have had that same problem due to medication effects.
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It could anything from blood sugar, blood pressure, circulation, sleep problems, pinched nerve, etc.  The possibilities are endless.  Go to the doctor for a physical, it could be something very simple.
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have you been on a lawn that was sprayed or have you used diazanon or malathion for garden pests also round up, please research if you have it will amaze you the sympthoms of chemical poisoning you may want to go on a detox diet also use B-2 vitamins and l-systeine been to doc and all test were ok but was tingling like crazy also had fatigue and sleeplesnessand ached all over had just sprayed for garden pest and some got on my hands and feet thought i was going crazy been on daily detox diet and the above i am so much better
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    Go 2 the docthose are some signs of M.S
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I'm 75 years old and have tingling both arms and lips when I wake up in the morning.
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Arms and legs is usually sitting or sleeping on them. Tingling in arm I think can be a symptom of stroke but I guess its a once only. Tingling in the lips and around the mouth is a symptom of low blood sugar. But perhaps all could be related to low thyroid function?
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It could be a lack of calcium. That's what it was for me, but I also had the tingling on my face.

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