Why Do I Experience Tingling In My Fingers In The Morning Or If I Am Doing Something With My Hands After About Five Minutes?


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You probably have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The median nerve is compressed as it passes through a tunnel in the wrist. The whole hand gets pins and needles except the little finger and the inside of the finger next to it. Numbness and a burning sensation can result, plus severe pain. If it persists, go and see your Doctor.
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It means that your fingers and skin is becoming dry so you must take some medicines to overcome this problem. And you must be careful about your diet.
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When I wake in the morning my left hand from the middle bones to the finger tips feels hot
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You might work in an environment where your fingers are wet most of the time or your fingers might touch some chemical which make them swollen in the day. You must consult a skin specialist for the cure.

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