I Want To Make My Body Strong And Beautiful, So Tell Me Some Main Points, Tell Me What Should I Do To Achieve This. Can Anyone Provide Me Some Important Tips?


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1. Consume the Right Fats
There is a major misconception when it comes to eating fats and trying to lose weight or get a nice body. The simple truth is that they are essential, natural fats that you should be consuming. These include essential fatty acids (EFAs) contained in foods such as fish, nut oils and certain seeds. EFAs promote healthier metabolisms, brain function and a wide range of other health benefits. Combining these with a lot of water, fresh fruits and vegetables and a lot of protein rich foods such as eggs, cottage cheese, lean meats etc and you will start feeling stronger, full for longer and a lot more energetic.

2. Perform Cardiovascular Exercises
Exercises that elevate the heart rate and are sustained over long periods of time are considered cardiovascular exercises. Some of these include running, cycling, swimming, jump rope, elliptical machines, and any other exercise that increases the heart rate. Keep these exercises as part of your weekly regiment and you will soon notice a change in the fitness and energy levels of your body.

3. Adopt a Weight Training Routine
This is the part of the process that is important in order to get a nice body. By weight training (not necessarily heavy) you will be able to work on specific muscle groups and tone your entire body. A rule of thumb is to perform about 12-15 repetitions for three sets of each muscle you are working on. This should be done about three times per week. Combine this with your cardiovascular exercises about two to three times per week, paired with a good diet and you will see significant results within 60-90 days depending on your body type.
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To improve your body strong then you have to do daily exercise and should eat properly..
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An effective training plan is made up individually. It takes into account personal goals, age, body type, diet, class times and other factors.

If you’re already exercising, achieving results, and not getting injured or losing motivation, stick with the system you choose. If there are any failures or you are a beginner athlete, you can use our recommendations and training program on this page for squats and more

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The basic points would be to eat a well balanced diet and exercise regularly. To maintain the healthiness of your body would be to never do drugs, drink alcohol, or smoke cigarettes, etc. Find what works best for your body, i.e. eating a small meal 6 times a day or three meals at morning, noon, and evening. Mostly learn to listen to your self and your body. You'll know what makes you feel healthy and good.

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