How Do You Increase Height After The Age Of 23 Years?


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Unfortunately it is rather difficult to increase your height at the age of 23 years old. This is because the body has usually fully grown by this age; most people are at their tallest point at the age of 23, and stay at this height for the majority of their lives. However, there are a few little tricks that may help add a few extra inches, or at least give the impression of increased height.

Obviously, if you are a girl, you have a great advantage with a very obvious, simple solution to increase height instantly - high heeled shoes. There is a vast range of styles and different sized heels available for woman and so they can easily choose what height they wish to increase by. A man wearing high heels would certainly get some funny looks, however there are shoes men can wear that have a larger heel than normal. The heel is cleverly disguised and so is not obvious without really studying the shoe.

Also if you work on posture and always stand up very straight then this can add a few inches in height. A lot of people stand a little hunched and so straightening up your back and looking up can make you seem a bit taller.
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Hey I am 20, but I never quit for whatever I take as a challenge, as I am a sikh, we never give up.
I am 5'5 and I know if I strive for anything I'll achieve it, our gurus told us never to quit...
I have started bicycling regularly for 10 km with increased saddle, I'll let you know the results the day I get taller...
Some losers here have mentioned that you can't grow, but I believe that "if there's a will, there's a way"
                                                "never say die"
            "only those achieve their goal, who strive for it"
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Acupuncture can achieve any thing. Increasing height is easy. See demonstration videos in healersupreme channel of youtube to know the procedure. Any one of any age can increase height with this method. See latest video of 72 years old lady increased her height.
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There are a few things you can do in your daily life to get the best chance of growing taller and not need to wear high heels.
Consume only what you need - don't drink pop, don't eat junk food. Eat foods rich with many vitamins and nutrients. You need two important nutrients for your body to grow - calcium and protein. Calcium helps to build and maintain your teeth and bones. Protein helps to build and repair your tissues and muscles. Both of these nutrients are abundant in foods and drinks like milk, cheese, yogurt, tuna, eggs, chicken, kidney beans and etc.
Recent studies show that our pituitary gland releases more human growth hormone when your entire body is calm and relaxed - a state perfectly achieved by adequate amounts of sleep in a comfortable environment. Make sure you sleep at night and make sure that your neck is properly aligned with the rest of your body.
Proper exercise can help your body grow. Good exercises include a variety of stretches, yoga, basketball, swimming and etc. Make sure you exercise daily for about 30 minutes for optimal health. Also make sure to maintain a good posture. A good posture can instantly make you taller and help to make you appear more energetic and younger. Use a mirror to align your entire body properly and try to make it a habit.
There are a few companies that sell height increase ideas, some work , most don't! Always be sure to check with your health professional before buying health products/services online.
My sister used a Japanese height increase company and she managed about 6cms extra, so she is happier now. Maybe we should all just be glad to be our natural size. BTW she nor I am Japanese
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It is almost impossible to increase your height at the age of 23. But there are a couple of things you could try out. You could follow a high protein diet. Include a lot of eggs, beef and meat in your diet. You could swim everyday as it's a great exercise and stretches your genes. You could even try you hand at basketball. Or start cycling regularly with your seat held as high as possible. But even though you do these things, at that age you may maximum gain an inch. You could try doing yoga as it has helped a lot of people increase their height.

Don't go in for those height enhancement drugs or pills as they might cause a hormonal imbalance. Height increasing operations are usually failures so get that option out of you head. Acupuncture or acupressure is also an unsuccessful way to increase height.
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Scientifically and logically, you can not increase your weight after 18 years of age. Because increase in height is due to growth of large bones. These bones are sensitive to androgen. After getting puberty in both male and female, increase ion the size of these bones is reduced and is completely stopped after the age of 18.

Many over the counter medicines are available which are without any scientific evidences. So, don't rely on them. You can also discuss this with your doctor.
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Probably not. But some men fully grow until 25 years, so you might still get chance. There will be people who will promote grow taller pills and height enchanters saying that they will make you grow taller. It's a lie. They are dangerous to health and do not work. There are some ways you can increase your height though. It's kind of like cheating, for example, posture improvement. If you want to improve your posture, read the info on this site - Grow Taller Site.
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It's not possible to increase your height after the age of 23 years, but if you want, then you should do rope skipping, play badminton. It will help you but little bit chance.

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It's no way in hell your getting any taller...especially if you are older than 21 years of age.....and drink milk helps keep your bones strong.....

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