I Have Had A Bad Cold For Three Weeks, But My Doctor Won't Give Me Antibiotics. Why?


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Your doctor's refusal to prescribe antibiotics may well be because s/he believes that you have a cold and not a chest infection or anything 'suspicious'. Your cold has been caused by a virus and as such, antibiotics will not cure your cold. In fact taking antibiotics can actually weaken your resistance to illness through killing off some of the good bacteria in your body, so doctors will usually only prescribe them when they are certain that they will be effective in treating the illness.
The best thing that you can do is to drink lots of fluids to try and flush out the virus, keep warm, try to eat lots of fruit and vegetables and take things easy to enable your body to fight back. A herbal remedy such as Echinacea or even garlic may also help boost your immune system a little, but antibiotics will simply be ineffective against a virus.

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